It all starts in the Sandbox at an early age. Some play well with others; some throw sand. Same is true in any office setting, however if you’re not IN the office, (or the sandbox) it can be hard to spot the troublemaker.

Real Estate agents require unique intrapersonal skills. They are hired to assist two (usually) disagreeing parties come to an agreement over two VERY important possessions; their home and their money. Oh, and they need to do this during a very stressful time in anyone’s life; a move.  So, why hire an agent with a reputation for being a bully or a “sand thrower”? YOU SHOULDN’T!

The difficult agent may sell your property. This bully may have sold many properties. However, did they get you the HIGHEST PRICE in the LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME and FOR THE LEAST AMOUNT OF STRESS AND AGGRAVATION? You’ll never know about the price and the timing once the property is sold, but if an agent has a reputation for “not playing well with others”; why choose someone who WILL give you the most amount of difficulty?