I had an interesting experience the other day. As I was going through my shopping at Fresh Market I noticed a young woman selecting the perfect melon to purchase; she picked up several, shook them, weighed them, palpated them, sniffed them, until she was satisfied with her choice.

She spent a good 5 minutes selecting a simple melon, which got me thinking: Would most BUYERS review the agent REPRESENTING them in locating, negotiating, and CLOSING on their new home as intensely as this woman scrutinizes her fruit?

I inquired with buyers and found that the majority of these people used a friend; or an agent they randomly found who likely purchased leads from Zillow, Google, etc.; or the agent in their neighborhood with the most listings for sale.

The agent that represents you in a purchase of this magnitude NEEDS to be skilled, experienced, savvy, tenacious, creative, professional and knowledgeable and know the market. Ask questions BEFORE you hire someone allowing them take you out to view homes….and perhaps spend more time selecting your fruit too.

Some things to consider:

  • Do they predominantly sell in just one or two neighborhoods? If so, that may be what they know, however you may want to know about other options about which they DON’T know.
  • If you have kids, ask them zoning questions about schools. A buyer’s agent should know which schools are zoned for which neighborhoods. They should know a bit about each community in terms of amenities available for families with children.
  • Ask them in which neighborhoods they have had a sale.
  • Ask them for a list of all of their closings in the last year. Use an agent that has experience in your price point.
  • Use an agent that “plays well with others”. This goes a long way and will be my next BLOG topic..stay tuned.